Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Using the iPad with Students with Visual Impairments

This has been a very busy year. I have been working with a student who needs to learn finger isolation skills and using a light touch. I went to the Virginia AER Conference this year in April. I went to a session on using overlays with the iPad. The session talked about using the overlays with reading and writing programs. I came up with the idea to use an overlay to encourage my student to use a light touch and practice finger isolation skills.

My student enjoys music so I pulled up a piano app and designed an overlay. I purchased the protective cover at the Dollar Tree. I left the cover intact and used Wiki Sticks to create the design. You could use puffy paint or hot glue. I wouldn't suggest using the hot glue while the overlay is on the iPad.

I use my personal iPad with my students. It has the a cover with a magnetic keyboard. I slid the overlay between the case and the iPad. Store the overlays in a binder using page protectors.

I look forward to making a few more to use with my students.

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