Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Adapted Math

I adapt a lot of the materials I
use with my
students for math. One of my goals is to have a hard copy of math activities I can send off for State Assessments, save as documentation, and send home. I have had many students who could not write clearly, so I came up with one way to help these students access the curriculum.

I created worksheets that left enough space for an answer that could be pasted next to the problem. Next I copied enough numbers so that there were enough to complete a worksheet and have some extras. Students could be given a choice of
2, 3, or more answe
rs. It was a pain to keep
up with all of the numbers.

This summer, I found a handy item in the craft section to organize my numbers. I also learned how to shuffle buttons in Boardmaker this summer, so now I can make practice sheets more easily. To make my worksheets, I created 2 columns of buttons with the numbers 1 - 5. I shuffle the buttons in each column separately, but you could shuffle all of the buttons. I placed the addition sign and the equal sign on the background so they would not shuffle.