Thursday, October 1, 2009

Classroom Pictures

I have rearranged my classroom at least 3 times since the beginning of school. With 5 wheelchairs, 4 standers, and many other pieces, there just is not enough storage. Students are in and out of the equipment so much that I can't store them in another room.

Here are some pictures of my classroom. When I get my Windows Operating System back, I will turn the pictures into a video slide show.

View from the door.

Two computers and some of the multitude of equipment.

Morning Meeting Area and
calendar/ weather activity. Smartboard area.

Kitchen Area and more equipment.

Another computer and storage for devices, switches, etc. I also have things (craft supplies, etc.) stored behind the curtains in large containers.

Student work area. More equipment in the back of the room.

Student storage (tube feeding supplies, etc.)

Teacher and assistant desks. Mine is NOT the neat one in front. Bathroom to the left and storage area. You should see under my desk. More storage!

Nurse seating area. Storage for chart holder/room divider.

Classroom Library and equipment storage.