Friday, January 29, 2010

AT Blog Carnival

Are you searching for new ways to incorporate Assistive Technology into your classroom? Then check out Patrick Black's Blog Teaching All Students. He is hosting an AT Blog Carnival.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Math Game

Here is one of the math games I use to teach counting, one to one correspondence, addition, and subtraction. Students use their switch to spin. I color code the ends so that I can remember which switch to plug in for each child. I found that it is easier for each student to have a switch rather than pass one switch around. I use two 10 frames. Each space has a Velcro dot and each cube has Velcro. The spinner can be programmed with numbers to match IEP goals. I have found the game useful for teaching students to count on for addition. The first person to 20 wins.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Climb for Water Recipe - News-2-You

We usually "cook" the recipe from the newspaper each week on Thursday. Today we did the Mountain Mix recipe. I like "trail mix" recipes because they encourage choice making and communicating wants.

I gave each student a zipper baggie. Then, instead of pouring all of the ingredients into a bowl, I put them in separate containers. I programmed a switch to say "I want that." Each child was asked if they wanted the ingredient in their baggie. They activated the switch if they wanted the ingredient in their mix. The students enjoyed deciding which ingredients they wanted. I do have some students who don't eat much by mouth, so we send the bags home to share with their siblings, grandparents, etc.