Friday, October 28, 2011

Work Tasks

My caseload includes students with many disabilities. I made some work tasks for students with Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) and autistic characteristics. I focused on bright colors. Duct tape is available in many colors now. I found it at Target and Home Depot. I covered cardboard boxes with the bright tape, then added accents to the other components.

I included a switch that says, "I'm finished." The task on the right has an auditory component. The eggs are filled with fish tank gravel. Different "fillers" could be used to create different sounds. I found that with the water task, lighter "coins" floated to the bottom of the tube more slowly. I found some St. Patrick's Day Coins that floated nicely. The picture above shows poker chips which sink more quickly.


  1. This was very interesting! It's great to incorporate other sensory stimulus with students (i.e. auditory). I think that this is great! What was it used for specifically in your curriculum?

  2. These tasks teach the concept of left to right, work completion, and one to one correspondence. The idea was to make the work task more visual for a student with low vision.

    The tasks can be adapted to make them easier by removing the lids. Another way to make the second task more auditory is to use a metal coffee can. I don't drink coffee so I didn't have one around.